Food packaging preservation effect on consumer lifestyle

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
Food packaging preservation effect on consumer lifestyle release date: 2019 - 07 - 03 food packaging preservation is closely related to modern life, modern life cannot leave food packaging, packaging technology also profoundly change and influence the development of the modern social life, especially in the closely related to People's Daily life of preservation of fresh vegetables and fresh meat packaging, circulation technology innovation and progress, the way of selling is to guide the consumer lifestyle change. In recent years, with large and medium-sized cities have set up fresh vegetables and meat processing and distribution center and supermarket sales platform for the rapid development of network, the improvement of people's living standard and life rhythm speeding up, the consumption of fresh vegetables and meat species diversity, quality, safety, easy to fresh demands more and more high & middot; Seasonal fresh fruit, clean vegetables, cut vegetables and meat products in cold chain circulation under the condition of segmentation in supermarkets has become a fashion and developing direction of city fresh food consumption. Fresh food development from conventional varieties of varieties to regional characteristics, through the adoption of comprehensive physical and chemical sterilization technology, packaging limited gas gas and new biological antistaling agent, etc. , suitable sales SPC quality assurance key technology such as temperature, moisture, improve the circulation of fresh food fresh-keeping packaging production of complete sets of process equipment technical level, set up the entire quality control technology such as GMP and HACCP system, to ensure the safety of fresh food of fresh, high quality for the city daily consumption of clean convenient logistics basis is provided for a fast-paced way of life, improve people's quality of life. At present, the market demand of fresh food is the diversity of species, quantity, the safety of adequacy, quality, consumption of convenience. But the difficulty of preservation of fresh food and processing lag, has become the inhibition of the main factors of the demand. Food innovation progress of modified atmosphere packaging are to provide possible to meet the needs of modern market, and provide the space for agricultural industrialization of postharvest processing value-added. The previous: vacuum composite bag up bags leak under the reasons and solutions of an article: tell you examine the five kinds of specifications of plastic packaging bags
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