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by:Kolysen     2021-01-12

chicken fillet fresh chicken breast is a kind of used as raw material, after curing, wrapped crumbs, Fried and frozen chicken fast food. Have a spicy taste, flavor and cumin and curry, used when eating Fried oil temperature 2-170 ℃ 3 minutes. Due to technical aspects easy to learn, a lot of streets and lanes are a stalls do chicken fillet, done on chicken fillet food packaging bags, more convenient health food.

because of its convenient and golden appearance, taste sweet crisp delicious, eat when dipped in ketchup and salad, very delicious, can be used for breakfast, fast food, so has been popular with consumers.

in the chicken fillet with wen qi tonify deficiency fill essence spleen and stomach live blood the effect of strong bones and muscles.

material is generally greaseproof paper laminating, use is to packing all kinds of Fried food, fast food, hamburger foods baked wheat cake.

use food packaging guidelines: easy to use, * and health, guarantee to use food grade ink, non-toxic pollution-free, healthy environmental protection, in line with international food sanitation standard packing. Packaging is from the packaging materials we use in our everyday life, but also indispensable to manufacturers and merchants, without it, business and trade will be affected. Packing bags of

there are two ways, one is the machine manufacture, the other is a handmade.

the first buy to plastic granules, heating them with machines, and then pressure, mold blowing them into various shape, so the packing bag of production because of the high production efficiency, low cost, so the price is relatively cheap, but the low production cost will be increased accordingly.

another packet mode of production is made by hand, but that the packing bag of performance is not as good as made by machine, have limitations on use.

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