Food packaging bags after freezing can effectively protect the food

by:Kolysen     2020-06-21
After frozen things easily, that don't need to explain too much, I believe you also know that some people will ask, used in our daily life in the frozen food packaging can effectively protect food safety? Packaging today about the parsing for you. First, the action of bags easy tear mouth cannot effectively play, tear strength too big bags is not easy to open, tear strength is too small to cause packaging mechanical properties is reduced, so as to meet the humanized design, easy tear at the mouth of the packet at the same time also to complete the product protection. Second, bags of puncture performance, frozen foods frozen tend to be hard, especially fish, meat, contain bones and rigid objects, transport and storage products in the extrusion is easy to make bags worn out, make the damage bags sealing, high requirement of the packing bags of frozen food for biopsy sex. Third, frozen foods, cold tolerance can not meet the requirements, in the case of low temperature, can't maintain the performance of the original material, packing material is brittle, make packaging material mechanical strength drops, cause bags to crack and craze, more can't satisfy the contents of protection.
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