Five plastic bags football fans wish get messi signed jersey

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19
Said the age of five Afghan football fan, noisy want to watch the football star Lionel messi, his brother a brainwave helped him make this plastic bag shirt, and put the photo on facebook, cause netizen reprinted. Lionel messi after see the photos, he gave a kiss to sign the children size of the no 10 shirt to Murtaza, messi also posted on twitter this photo. Mid-january appeared on the Internet a photograph is hot to re-post the little boy, let football star Lionel messi ( Messi) Very moved. According to CNN reports, the protagonist in this photo is a 5-year-old boy, named Murtaza, is macy's fan, suddenly one day, the little boy crying, cry to say to look to the idols Lionel messi, but they live in the country, and family circumstances underprivileged students simply can't afford to buy a commodity also take him to see Lionel messi of the game, so his brother Hamayon a brainwave, with markers on the blue and white plastic bags, write the Lionel messi ( Messi) Put on, back number 10, let younger brother. After this exclusive shirt, Murtaza happy people, my brother put my face book, the younger brother pictures of truth-telling then spread on the Internet. Later reprinted, media finally found living in Afghanistan, Murtaza and his family in the country, have seen the photo of messi has sent the children with his signature version of the no 10 shirt to Murtaza, let the poor children have the most precious gift. Of messi to send the little boy said, 'tell me, I love messi, my jersey messi love me, too. 'Afghanistan also said that the football association is arrange meet with Lionel messi, Murtaza, Lionel messi, such as time permits.
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