Dried fruit bags can prolong shelf life

by:Kolysen     2020-07-10
Nuts dried fruit product nutrition is very rich, contains rich protein, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, many kinds of mineral elements and essential. Is very popular with consumers. In recent years, with economic development and people living standard rise, dried foods have become a lot of consumer daily consumption and leisure interest, prompting dried fruit industry production scale to achieve rapid development. But at the same time the industry is also facing a product quality and food safety problems & ndash; — Product easy to oxidation. Sales in the market now peanut and melon seeds, is the biggest dried foods rich in fat and unsaturated fatty acid content is higher, it is easy to appear in the process of distribution caused by excess peroxide value products oxidation, metamorphism, cause food safety problems. Because is not reversible reaction products oxidation, there is a problem not only has a harmful effect on consumer health, and waste products, serious negative impact on corporate brand and reputation. Dried fruit packing to reach are the basic requirements for oxygen insulation, waterproof, because, melon seeds, peanuts, easy absorption of moisture, if wet insulation performance is poor, melon seeds will moisture absorption metamorphism, accelerate fat oxidation; Melon seeds using deoxidizing agent, antioxidant and its antioxidant content itself, can be in a certain extent, delay the oxidation of oil and grease, if oxygen insulation performance of packing bag is not good, oxygen will continue into the bag, then the deoxidizing agent, antioxidant and its antioxidant content will quickly lose their antioxidant effect. Therefore, nuts dried fruit packaging materials on the shelf life is very important, some brand melon seeds packaging on the market at present are generally use the material with better barrier property. Such as some brand packaging material is PA/PE, which is very perfect vacuum packing, is to reduce the vacuum packaging, oxygen content in prevent mildew rot packaged food metamorphism, keep food color, flavor, and extend shelf life. Can also apply to aluminium plating, PET/VMPET/PE, the material of oxygen transmission rate is low, at the same time have a certain resistance to break. And composite packaging, beautiful bag, printed by the consumers of all ages. Improve enterprise economic benefits.
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