Dog food packaging: how to keep the dog food delicious fresh

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20
Is to maintain dry feed dog the best source of nutrition and health, is also a dog. Big dog food intake, dry feed consumption is very big, the dog dog mom dad storage bag of dog food for a rainy day. And small dog eating small, a pack of total want to eat for a long time, so once after opening will need to keep dry feed, otherwise easy to deterioration due to be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, eating or mice by cockroaches or guests. Now teach you let the dog from the first feed to eat until the last one also keep fresh taste good way! Material: bin, desiccant bags ( Photo studio available) , opening a folder, a number of plastic bags, a pile of paper. 1, put the newspaper: first check bin inside and outside is complete, internal to dry. In receiving department at the bottom of a thick layer of mat newspapers, because newspapers can moisture absorbent, so you can put some more. 2, put the desiccant: eating snacks in the desiccant can also be used to use again. 3, the plastic bag: dry feed into plastic bags, to avoid the functionality of both taste and long put in dry feed oil loss, to ensure that the feed is not stale. Then put the desiccant bag into the plastic bags, desiccant bag can depend on the amount of feed in accordance with the proportion of the number of place. Sealing the air bag first when you need to squeeze out, folded after use clamps. 4, bin: receive plastic bags in the trunk was finished! Put the dry feed into the box, close the lid it!
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