Dog food bags into men buy cheap dog food brands sell fake dog food!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-09
Much over the years, the citizens of a dog, the dog, the dog lovers treasure if, not only to give them to eat dog food, but also choose the brand of dog food. So, some people's eyes open this opportunity. Hainan people huang found online dog food sells well, especially & other; Crown can & throughout; 、“ 皇家(“ Brands such as dog food, sells very well. Beginning in 2012, his tower area north port street in our city rent a house, buy cheap dog food, pumping & other; Crown can & throughout; 、“ 皇家(“ Brands such as the packing bag of dog food, and then sell on taobao. Just a month, sales revenue reached 70000 yuan. After the dog food because of many kinds of dogs, the body appear all sorts of discomfort. Soon, a customer to report to the police. After receiving reports, the police seized in huang and hire a lot of fake brand dog food packaging and sealing machine and other false equipment, cheap dog food. Huang for counterfeiting registered trademark crime, be the court sentenced him to prison for a year, probation for 6 months, 1 year 60000 yuan fine. After received criminal punishment in huang, & other; Crown can & throughout; 、“ 皇家(“ Brands such as the trademark owner of the dog food with the clock tower court, think huang violated their rights to exclusive use of trademarks, to bear civil liability. Result, the clock tower court ordered huang to compensate the plaintiff loss of 70000 yuan. Judges comments: huang's pranks like selling fake milk powder, fakes, because the dog food does not belong to the food safety law on food, does not constitute a food safety crime. But also the holder of the trademark has been infringed, constitutes the counterfeiting registered trademark crime. Also, calculator, huang to put a $60000 fine and $70000 worth of trademark civil compensation.
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