Big plastic bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-12
Packaging container now more and more important in the status of environment, we point a take-out online, including boxes, cutlery packaging is very beautiful, whether the current consumer or share to the people around, all is to pretend bility, full in the era of the information sharing can always arouse the curiosity of people cause inner resonance, and creative packaging can cause consumers & quot; Follow & quot; ,“; Clock in & quot; ,“; Sharing & quot; 。 Rice bag is no exception. Rice into woven bags and plastic bags, woven bags of rice in the bearing is good, cost is lower, but easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, storage time is shorter, printing and packaging style is unitary. Suitable for groups such as hotels, restaurants and the company canteen these consumption is bigger and does not need long-term storage. As people life rhythm speeding up, people in the line of second-tier cities, working day is choice of fast food and so on, only if the weekend will choose to cook, so on rice consumption is not very big. The emergence of large plastic bag just solved the problem of this part of the group, big plastic bag has the advantage that has a lot of bag type and high quality printing surface, high air tightness, security, non-toxic, tasteless, vacuum can be stored for a long time after one to three years. Plastic composite rice bag can improve the grade of feeling, whether to make four edge-sealing bag vacuum meters brick, or large three edge sealing vacuum bag, can always bring some impact to the consumers' mind, rice vacuum technology to be able to reflect the original intention of the manufacturer, the taste of rice of retention than woven bag holding taste even better. And it also can be stored for a long time, suitable for long time sales. Now is not as long as it can fill the stomach, but at the same time of adequate food and clothing, can also sample, try the original taste of rice.
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