Bakery using QS mark 100000 food sack was found

by:Kolysen     2020-06-25
On May 10th, WuChuan County market regulation law enforcement in the food safety inspection bureau, is investigated using together & other; QS” Authentication marks, the seizure of all kinds of bearing & other; QS” The packing bag of authentication marks around 100000. Law enforcement officials in the county town of speech &drama either bread factory inspection, found that the food production license obtained in no case, the series products of bakery production and sales of bread, and used in product packaging & other QS” Certification, food production license number to get consumers trust. Because of the bakery in purchase of bags (secretly The label) Print & other; QS” After authentication marks, food production license number, used for packaging processing good bread, and sales, at the risk of misleading, law enforcement personnel in accordance with the scene seized various bearing & other; QS” The packing bag of certification marks, and ordered the parties shall not continue production and processing activities.
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