Vacuum plastic bags of materials

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
Vacuum plastic bags to join air tightness packaging container, air drawn to the inside of the container, the seal after the container to the expected vacuum degree of a kind of packing method. Vacuum bag also called vacuum packaging, is take out all the air in the container seal, maintain bag at high stress state, the rare air of low oxygen effect, make no microorganisms living conditions, in order to achieve the purpose of fruit fresh, disease-free corrosion occurs. Application of a plastic bag vacuum packing, the aluminum foil packing, glassware, etc. Can choose according to item packaging materials. Because the fruit is fresh food, is still in the respiration, altitude hypoxia can cause physiological diseases, therefore, less fruit class use vacuum packing. Vacuum plastic bags main material: food vacuum packaging materials, the performance of a direct impact on the changes of the storage life of food and taste. In vacuum packing, choose good packaging material is the key to the success of packaging. Since about vacuum packaging materials, that is essential to the material classification, the following is suitable for vacuum plastic bags material, generally have the following material is suitable for printing into a vacuum bags: PE material: it is suitable for low-temperature vacuum bags. So you need to heating of the product is not suitable for use, use more frozen seafood. RCPP material: suitable for high temperature cooking bags, so high temperature cooking bags mostly use this material. PA material: increase physical strength, durability performance good strength. Increased mechanical strength. AL materials: we often mentioned material of aluminum foil, with a high barrier property, shading, moisture resistance. Increase the blocking performance, high barrier coating.
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