The tea aluminum foil bag vacuum leak knowledge popularization

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
Seen anything like this may be a lot of customer, when buying tea found had a flat aluminum foil bag, not of the condition of vacuum, but the bag is intact. For aluminum foil bag vacuum flat tea will affect the quality of the tea? As the below small make up together and see it. Here small make up can be very sure to tell you is that it won't has a great influence on the tea. Because have an impact on the tea has the following several aspects: 1, the temperature, the temperature of tea aroma, taste and looked has great influence, especially in the south of 7 - In August, the temperature is sometimes up to 40 ℃ above, even if the tea is dry storage, away from light will quickly deteriorate, that there is no green tea, black tea is not fresh, tea is not sweet. Therefore, to maintain and extend the shelf life of tea, should use low temperature heat preservation, can control the temperature 0 ℃ - Between 5 ℃. 2, oxygen, oxygen in the air contains 21% oxygen in natural environments. If the tea directly saved in the absence of protection in the natural environment, they will soon be oxidation, soup will turn red, or brown, tea will lose freshness. 3, light, light can change some chemical components in tea. If the place of tea in the sun, the tea will be obvious changes in color and taste, which lost its original flavor and freshness. Therefore, the tea must be stored in an airtight container. 4, moisture content, when the water content of tea is more than 6%. The variation of each component begins to accelerate. Therefore, storage environment must be dry tea. Tea aluminum foil bag vacuum leak, only on behalf of the packaging is not in a vacuum, but tea does not come into contact with the above we talk about the four aspects of influence factors, thus has no effect on tea is, is safe to drink
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