The material composition of eight edge-sealing tea bag

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20
Nearly eight edge-sealing bag popular in each big electric business platform, one of the eight edge-sealing dried fruit eight edge-sealing bag, tea bag is more popular, pay attention to the tea culture in China, the corresponding need for tea is more big, the eight edge-sealing tea bag is what material? Well-known tea bag basic requirement is moistureproof, itching, sealed performance is good, environmental protection, beautifully printed, etc. So tea bag material do you understand? Take a look at eight edge-sealing bag manufacturers in guangdong industrial co. , LTD. Professional technician explanation: the first kind of PET/VMPET/PE, it is three kinds of plastic film composite and become a kind of high density, high barrier property, shading of the vacuum packing bag, commonly known as polyester aluminum plating bags. Tea packaging in our life can often see it in use. The second kind of PA/PE, it is made of nylon and high-pressure composite vacuum packaging, durable thorn, the stretching resistance, high density, moisture, etc. This can be a transparent, also can make opaque vacuum bag, all printing is also very suitable for the tea packing. The third PA/AL/PE, the three kinds of composite material of the tea vacuum bags commonly known as the aluminum foil bag, compared with the above two kinds of density is higher, the blocking performance better, but the cost is higher, generally don't recommend customers to use the vacuum bags to packing tea. Of course, if our customers have higher request for our products, we can consider the choice of the material. But in some high-grade tea, use this kind of aluminum foil bags to packing tea is a very common thing.
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