The liquid soft plastic packaging film production needs attention

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Liquid soft plastic packaging film production need notice release time: 2020 - 03 - 24 in the production of liquid packaging, more frequently in membrane, easy to cause the performance of the membrane. Because of the small amount of liquid synthetic ink, may lead to long time using the old ink printing ink performance degradation, therefore, more liquid packaging production variables. Color printing enterprise can through the use of simulated customer condition, set a proper product testing standards, ensure that the unqualified products factory, to avoid unnecessary loss. 1, select the appropriate materials equipment consumables in actual production, shall, according to the automatic filling machine filling speed, sterilization conditions, the length of the product warranty and other specific situation to choose suitable film and ink, and according to the actual situation to adjust and control the printing process parameters, standard process, ensure the quality of the film printing. 2, the customer after processing conditions or test standard color printing factory only when fully understand the food manufacturer in filling process conditions and the subsequent processing, liquid package even the details of the circulation in the market requirements, to achieve the target, the relationship of technological equipment. The attention of the main points include: filling speed, sterilization conditions, shelf life, preservation, etc. 3, the requirement of printing process must pay attention to in the process of printing printing tension, printing pressure, printing speed and drying temperature control of process conditions, such as make a set of stable and reliable process standard, standard process, to ensure the mass production run smoothly. In addition, the comprehensive quality of printer, ink manufacturers technical data provided by the changes in the environment, quality of thinners, workshop etc is also a factor that cannot be ignored. 4, good control printing printing workshop environment is too dry will cause membrane electrostatic, cause printing problems. Insufficient too humid environment will make ink drying, ink layer of reinforcement. , therefore, should be strictly controlled in the printing workshop environment temperature and relative humidity, as far as possible to remain relatively constant, and ensure good ventilation, to reduce the incidence of printing failures printing technology. Generally speaking, the workshop temperature control between 18 ℃ to 25 ℃ advisable, it is advisable to keep the relative humidity between 60% ~ 70%. 5, completes the inspection work of customer satisfaction is every a printing enterprise to high standards and final wishes, therefore to ensure that qualified products sent to the customer. To do so as to let the customer satisfaction, and maintain the enterprise's image and reputation. A: food packaging will affect what the next article: plastic application in aseptic packaging
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