The different characteristics of the vacuum composite bags of different materials

by:Kolysen     2020-07-23
Food can be stored for a long time and not prone to bad, mainly depends on the adoption of vacuum material properties of the compound bag. Material performance more excellent vacuum bags, the more able to prolong the storage life of food, not only that, but also can ensure the taste of the food is not easy to mildew rot. Material, by contrast, poor performance of vacuum packing bag, often can make sour food prone to bad, and even makes food mildew and rot of serious consequences. Therefore, good vacuum compound bag material is one of the key factors is to ensure that the food is not easy to change. Manufacturers must be based on the different characteristics of the food to choose different vacuum packing composites, what what food packaging materials, what kind of packing material is suitable for what kind of food, these are all need to manufacturers to determine according to the different needs of customers. Vacuum compound bag made of PE, PA, AL, and PET, etc. According to relevant data shows, PE material is mainly suitable for low temperature under the conditions of use, not suitable for high temperature under the conditions of cooking, also be more ordinary physical and strength properties. And PA this kind of material of vacuum compound bag durability performance is extremely strong, that is not easy to fracture, even with general acupuncture is not easy to puncture, for saving some soft food, so it is not easy to leak. AL foil this material can reach the effect of shading, some food or material to avoid glare, then using AL foil this kind of material is more suitable, because AL foil blocking performance is strong, the general light is difficult to penetrate AL foil. PET the material mechanical strength is relatively good, therefore suitable for use in food packaging of various kinds of high strength.
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