The classification of liquid packaging and its usability

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
Liquid packaging, with its strong barrier property, the effect is good, breathable, moisture permeability, transparent, opaque solvents, easy to carry, in the process of transportation and collection does not produce extrusion, collision, falls not broken features, accepted and widely used. Especially in the medium resistance adhesives and application of new packaging film development, the advantages of liquid flexible packaging bags is beyond compare. Liquid flexible packaging due to different contents in use, to meet the performance request data is different also, normal request: can prevent oxidation of metamorphosis, good barrier property and good mechanical strength, high burst strength, good heat sealing, etc. Some of its special request, such as: resistance to oily, chili oil resistance, chemical resistance, etc. One or several kinds of typical liquid flexible packaging material combination and the way of printing 1, typical type a, ordinary transparent class: / / PET/PE/PE + PE ( Reinforced PE) 、PA//PE+PE 、PET//PET//mPE( Metallocene PE) B, opaque categories: PA / / vmPET / / mPE, PET / / LDPE / / vmPET / / LDPE +, BOPA / / AL/PE/LDPE / / LLDPEC class, the high barrier transparent: PE / / KPA / / + PE, PE / / PE KPET / / mPE, PE/PET/EVOH/EVOH co-extrusion co-extrusion + 2, different ways of printing, table 1 printing liquid flexible packaging bags have a partial for transparent co-extrusion compound bag, general is given priority to with table printing, such as local liquor, soya-bean milk, milk, soy sauce, vinegar, ice packs, etc. The packing data in three, five, seven layers co-extrusion PE film or contains a black and white, milky white, matte, such as blocking effect of co-extrusion PE film. Should be carefully before printing detection PE film corona treatment effect, should reach 40 ~ 41 mn/m, lest affect because of corona treatment surface can not meet the request of ink adhesion. Liquid packaging film printing common choose liquid packaging film table printing ink, ink adhesion in thin film on a total of two ways: physical separation and chemical separation. Physical separation is ink and membrane separation, mainly through the ink viscosity of the resin adhesion on the film, no chemical change. And chemical separation is many reactive ink itself, namely has not response to complete the chemical bonds and disposal after stop the chemical reaction between film polarity base, a strong and stable chemical bonds. Thus, liquid flexible packaging bags printing ink must choose a special ink, chemical separation and base material printing surface corona disposal value should be up to 40 ~ 41 mn/m talents to ensure good adhesion of ink. Can use table printing ink must comply with the pasteurization or hydrogen peroxide treatment and not change color of ink, necessary ability appearance rub and scratch resistance of the inks. 2, printed in the composite membrane is typically used for milk, wine, cosmetic, pesticide, medicine, native products such as packaging. The packaging must, according to the features of content and filling, gives way to choose the appropriate base material, composite membrane, inner heat sealing film and the corresponding inks and adhesives.
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