Tell you why composite packaging film will appear heat sealing abscission layer

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Tell you why composite packaging film will appear heat sealing abscission layer release date: 2019 - 06 - 17 common causes of the heat sealing delamination of composite packaging film is as follows: 1, the adhesive of the choice of errors or adhesives and poor heat resistance. 2, curing agent ratio imbalance. Curing agent ratio imbalance may be the reasons are: a. Ratio of human error; b。 The environment temperature is too big; c。 Solvents contained in water, alcohol, or active & ndash; — OH genes; d。 Ink solvents in not fully dry. 3, inadequate curing or temperature is too low. 4, dry and inadequate. Because when printing or composite solvent volatilization no clean, residual solvent is more, although these solvents may not take active chlorine, will not affect the adhesive crosslinking reaction, but due to solvent swelling bonding layer, and at high temperatures may vaporize, thus although did not have much impact on the composite strength of room temperature, but it may cause heat sealing abscission layer. 5, the influence of the printing ink. One is due to not play to the activity of the solvent in ink, ink or additives in the resin consumes part of curing agent, causing the adhesive ratio of main agent and curing agent disorders caused by heat sealing abscission layer. When using do not heat resistant polyester amine or chlorinated polypropylene ink printing ink used for high temperature heat sealing occasions are likely to produce hot sealing abscission layer. The previous: tell you under high-temperature cooking sterilization vacuum bag how to seal an article: tell you after the high-temperature cooking bags of sterilization and the cause of surface wrinkle
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