Tea vacuum packaging product definition

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24
As people life quality rise gradually, people demand for tea is becoming more and more big. Recently there have been consulting tea bags. So today let's talk about the tea vacuum bags. Tea packaging, especially the inner packing are generally vacuum bags. Material with aluminum foil material is in the majority, that is, the market often say the tea of aluminum foil bag. As the world's first discovery and use of tea country, China is the first power for the tea import and export. Tea bags are occupying a large part of the packaging industry. Its own products and tea easily affected by the surrounding environment, such as oxygen, temperature, humidity metamorphism. So tea bags in general will need to consider in the design of the moistureproof property, oxidation resistance and shading sex. 【 The tea bags 】 Tea bags are generally colorless of printing in transparent vacuum bags, this type of packaging is called transparent vacuum bags. Need to print more for product packaging, vacuum packaging products beautiful, high-grade taste.
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