Rice vacuum bags you picked the right?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-04
Rice vacuum bags have what standards, rice is the design of the vacuum packing bag? Rice vacuum packaging manufacturer how to meet the national food standards. As the network marketing and e-commerce for the promotion of packaging industry, more and more businesses begin to new marketing via the Internet in rice vacuum packaging, such as WeChat qr code. Recently popular domestic food programs on the tip of the tongue 2 wins the favor of vast swathes of China, as a food packaging industry is also very concerned. Food packaging standards need to improve optimization, whether from the quality of the bags or design aspect requires innovation, let the food get the respect they deserve. Therefore, this article is the importance of the vacuum bag of rice packaging, the packing bag of rice to how, rice vacuum packaging have any requirements? Generally we buy in the supermarket rice can see pattern includes the following basic: 1, product introduction, product name, trademark, standard code, production date, storage method, shelf life, origin, address, telephone, nutritional information, such as insurance mark, barcode product information. The second signal, storage methods, avoid unnecessary loss to the customer, this lets the customer feel vacuum packaging manufacturers in terms of human nature to do that is not in place; Third, rice vacuum packaging printing surface is added nutrition labels, these is to provide the most effective nutrition information to consumers, for consumers to fully understand the food safety related information; Fourth, the food production license related coding is recognised by the relevant departments, suggests that the supervision is relevant departments QS quality and safety, and a state licensing authority structure, also let the customer had better credibility; Fifth, combining with the current Internet WeChat qr code printed on the packing bags of rice on the outer packing, as consumers can learn more about business information and circulation of the entire process of rice. Adhesion degrees provide businesses and consumers. Reached in consumers' mind set up rice packaging enterprise's unique brand awareness. Information on these common rice bags are conveyed to the consumer about the product information, this not only let the consumer's product has the self-confidence, elegant appearance and a sales window.
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