Red jujube packaging: red jujube blood but pregnant women eat need to pay attention to

by:Kolysen     2020-07-12
Red jujube is favored by women friends favourite food, red jujube not only rich in a lot of vitamins, but also for beauty to raise colour, blood to have some help. Many pregnant women are also very like to eat red jujube, in fact, for pregnant women, regardless of what food to eat in moderation can not too much, red jujube is not exceptional also, then we will learn about the, pay attention to what pregnant women eat red jujube. 1 if long-term consumption of red jujube, pregnant women will not only make the out of shape, and sometimes there will be a long-term eat red jujube stomach bilge gas, my stomach will easily bilge gas, the right food should eat two or three times a week is enough, so as not to repair the blood but also have to worry about losing weight. 2, pregnant women eat red jujube to pay attention to eat in moderation, otherwise it will backfire. Eat seven red jujube can every day, usually in the second trimester, it is best to start taking every day 7 after 5 months red date is best. 3, raw red jujube, attention should be paid to the red jujube clean, in order to avoid pesticide residue in red date on May, once had not clean red jujube, pregnant women will produce adverse effects on the fetus. 4, raw red jujube, fructus corni easy retention in the intestinal tract is not easy to discharge, if you have inflammation or ulcer, gastric mucosa just as in the wound top sa salt, can cause pain or discomfort. So if the stomach is bad, should eat red jujube vomit fructus corni. If your stomach is healthy, there is no inflammation, ulcer, or wound, then you better tolerance ability of jujube. But even so, fresh jujube, eating too much can cause stomach discomfort, easy have loose bowels. 5, pregnant women can choose to try to use when eat red jujube jujube and dishes or stew, which not only can make supplement nutrients diverse more facilitate the absorption of pregnant women.
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