How the difference between pure aluminum plating aluminum packaging bags and bags?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20
Many customers simple pure aluminium bag and aluminized bag can't differences, in order to let us know that below to explain for us, the difference between pure aluminium bag and aluminized bag. Aluminium bag ( Film) Pure aluminium bag ( Film) It's pure aluminum tablet, the thinnest thickness can reach 0. 0065 mm, if at this time quietly one tong will be broken by hand, although the thin look is so weak, but put it with other plastics compound, its effect is very big. After with more than one layer of plastic composite, will be able to progress the barrier property of plastic, sealing, bao xiang, shielding, etc. 1, watch: due to the brightness than aluminum plating bright aluminum foil, aluminum foil so reflective sex less than aluminum plating film, aluminium bag can according to the figure, but extinction film aluminum plating. Extinction film plating aluminum and aluminum foil very approximate appearance. Can the bag mouth, through the light to see inside the bag, aluminum foil bag inside not pervious to light, pervious to light is aluminized bag. 2, feel is: aluminum foil bags of grip and crisp solid hard, heavy, feel of aluminized bag than aluminum foil bag is light and soft. 3, folding: aluminum foil bag made one simple folding dead plait mark, aluminized bag not folding into a dead plait, and will rebound soon.
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