Food plastic packaging industry development trend in the future

by:Kolysen     2020-06-18
On the basis of understanding, the world's need for plastic bags will be 6 per year. At the rate of 2%, to 2018 stores need to gross will amount to 37. 3 billion dollars. This value is increased by the cost and producers caused by traditional cost preference, market tend to traditional way of plastic packaging, it can be said to be a mall take inertia. In high-speed expansion of our country and the other in my country, packaging the expansion of production scale and market need of rising shows the tendency of bring out the best in each other. Statements, by 2018, the market estimates that income is the highest in the Asia Pacific region. Meanwhile, food packaging, Especially in beverage packaging) And drug packaging will be two primary increase. Plastic packaging, on the other hand, its own rising portable degrees and planning are also driving the market needs. In the developed countries in Japan and South Korea, for example, the packing cost base of collective stability; Highly industrialized regions in central and South America, for example, packaging need to continue to increase steadily; The most sophisticated packaging market in North America and Western Europe, for example, need to rise beyond the expected rate; Have to mention the most potential packaging market include China, Thailand and India, need to weak degree, and so did the productivity of all packaging market.
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