Food plastic packaging bags of many hidden dangers

by:Kolysen     2020-06-30

1 paper packaging

case: German ngo recently for 20 local candy product was tested, the ferrero brands such as 3 product testing to the mineral oils may cause cancer. Reported that when some carrying oil ink made of recycled paper food wrapping paper, the chemical could penetrate into the food.

hazard: paper food packaging quality also exist, or unqualified paper packaging is easy to appear the composition such as mineral oil, fluorescent agent, improper use may cause bacteria pollution, harm to human health.


a, if the paper is too white, which have impurities, may have a fluorescent substance, such as heavy metal exceeds bid risk;

2, when the choose and buy should pay attention to the product label and QS mark;

3, try to choose and buy of outer no less ink printing or printing products;

4, when choosing paper cups paper containers such as advice to knead a pinch, look to whether comparison & other; Softness & throughout; 。 Too & other; Soft lie prone to lie prone & throughout; Products in all high temperature diet may occur due to leakage, collapse and burns and other dangers.

2 plastic packaging

case: in the third quarter of last year, ningbo city pledges inspect bureau spot check food with plastic packaging film and bag, found six batch product is unqualified, unqualified product project, benzene solvent residues of projects for the QS symbol.

hazard: statistics show that some unqualified plastic packaging products contain toxic and harmful substances, such as decoloring, acrylonitrile monomer to exceed bid, may cause the food safety hazards. For improper use qualified plastic products, can also cause food contamination, such as the use of high temperature resistant food-grade plastic packaging used in high temperature food or drink, can cause toxic substances precipitation.


a look look. Rough appearance, colour and lustre is not straight is not recommended to buy the products, choosing colorless transparent packaging products as far as possible;

two smell. Stimulating odour is often benzene solvent residues of overweight;

three began to try. If the bag body or heat sealing part is easy to peel, the packaging barrier property is poor, do not recommend to buy.

3 ceramic packaging

case study: the end of 2015, guangdong province pledges inspect bureau issued a food related products supervision and spot check showed that 8 consumption of ceramic container batch problem in thermal shock resistance, bibulous rate or fluorescent material is unqualified.

hazard: add lead and cadmium in paint can make ceramic glaze even, bright, some enterprise production process control of lead and cadmium is not enough, easy to cause such as lead, cadmium exceeds bid, the potential harm to human body.


one, check the appearance quality and deformation. Should try to choose the surface without obvious flaws, ware products;

2, for microwave use porcelain, should avoid to choose and inlaid with metal wire products;

3, carefully chosen in containers decorative pattern and color special bright glaze color products, lead, cadmium dissolution quantity may be higher.

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