Food plastic bags hidden DuoBanShu no qualification information!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
In recent years, caused by unqualified packaging food contamination occurred repeatedly. Unqualified plastic packaging from benzene solvent residues of overweight. , experts say, whether the food packaging for food grade, of which the existence of pollution, the average consumer is difficult to judge, suggest that children eat less as far as possible the excessive packaging of food. By more than sixty percent no qualification information recently, visited Beijing several supermarkets and markets found that most of the pasta, cooked food products using plastic bags, preservation box packaging, random sampling statistics, more than sixty percent of the packaging without number, production date and manufacturer qualification information. Highlights three problems by the comb has been exposed in recent years the food packaging safety problems found that packaging materials use undeserved, illegal add the disabled fertilizer containing benzene is used in great quantities and printing ink three big problems are the most common. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, the health level of packaging materials are divided into industrial grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade. Food packaging material should meet the requirements of food grade, but the sale and use of food packaging on the market at present due to the use of large, fast circulation, some of them are from do not have the conditions of small businesses or family workshop production, not only the production environment is poor, even for the sake of profit using industrial-grade raw material or the regeneration of the poisonous and harmful waste materials for production. Foreign food packaging quality is not satisfactory. According to figures released by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, import food packing fraction defective is also on the rise year by year. In 2015, the import food contact product inspection is not the highest percent of pass is up to five years, total 8331 check out unqualified products in the batch, percent of pass is up to 7. 71%. Main problems focus on plastic products, decoloring and evaporation residue and acrylonitrile monomers paper fluorescent substances and lead paint, etc. Plastic packaging hidden hazard: statistics show that some unqualified plastic packaging products contain toxic and harmful substances, such as decoloring, acrylonitrile monomer to exceed bid, may cause the food safety hazards. For improper use qualified plastic products, can also cause food contamination, such as the use of high temperature resistant food-grade plastic packaging used in high temperature food or drink, can cause toxic substances precipitation. Remind: a look at the appearance. Rough appearance, colour and lustre is not straight is not recommended to buy the products, choosing colorless transparent packaging products as far as possible; The smell. Stimulating odour is often benzene solvent residues of overweight; Three to try. If the bag body or heat sealing part is easy to peel, the packaging barrier property is poor, do not recommend to buy.
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