Food packaging bags - Dried fruit bag packaging fine Tibetan issue

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05
During the festival festival atmosphere away just now, many people on the haven't had time to open the gift box. During the spare time after opened the box of exquisite packaging, many citizens found two pack food unexpectedly short in weight. The reporter understands in the interview, all kinds of gift box on the component of foul play drops further, is individual merchants & other Hidden rules & throughout; 。 10 jins to egg box less 15 pieces of a few days ago, citizens Mr. Jiang received the black egg box for a box of their relatives. Mr. Jiang said the egg box has a total of five layers, including three layers are filled with above, a total of 15 on each floor. The following 2 layer, a layer of just five eggs, another layer of 10. “ Each layer has a slot to place eggs, if the egg is broken, also get a shell of what, is less obvious is the egg in the factory. ” Mr. Jiang said, clearly marked on the box contains 75 black eggs. Reporter saw, the lack of black eggs of two layer put very regular, a layer with five eggs in four angles and intermediate, put another layer along the egg's periphery. Mr. Jiang consulted egg sales staff, a catties eggs can usually say seven or eight, ten catties eggs total of nearly 80. Dried fruit gift box is nearly half empty bag yesterday, Mr. Wang looked at just open the dried fruit gift box is a face of helpless. He told the reporters, this box is the Spring Festival when friends visit as New Year gifts. “ Packaging exceptionally beautiful, filled with macadamia nuts, almonds and other higher price of dried fruit. ” Mr Wang said that yesterday evening he opened the box, found short in weight are not serious. Reporter saw that the beautiful wrapped gift box of the communist party of China is equipped with 12 bags. One has 5 bag is empty. “ The unit price of the highest nuts are empty bag. ” Mr Wang said, because it is friend gift, he also embarrassed to find business rights. Mr Wang said that the market price of the gift box for more than 400 yuan, according to the calculation, merchants pit at least 200 yuan. Gift box have acquired & other; Hidden rules & throughout; Reporter for some fruit and vegetable wholesale market visit found that because of the exquisite packaging, looks easy and decent, in addition to self-use, most of the gifts need to buy fruit, eggs, dried fruit, seafood and other goods stores offer gift box packaging services. Compared with bulk, gift box than single out a few dollars to more than 10 yuan more expensive. Because the box is not transparent packaging, these hidden problems are not uncommon. Companies have said that goods, such as the dried seafood gift boxes. To the most common is but a sin Gift box as for fruit and eggs, and common problems in addition to the short in weight, also including fracture, metamorphic & other; Accidental damage & throughout; 。 Because buyers have not opened the box and, some open check can only see the top, easy & other; Throughout the effects &; 。 This kind of practice, in individual businesses selling gift box is hidden rules. The Ministry of Commerce and industry officials said, to buy all kinds of gift box, not only pay attention to appearance, must choose complete information such as production date, weight, certificate of purchase, and ask for shopping invoice in time, once the consumer rights and interests is damaged evidence rights.
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