Food packaging and food safety!

by:Kolysen     2020-06-26
Food packaging is an important procedure in the food industry, to facilitate transportation, storage and sale of food. At the same time, the stand or fall of food packaging, not only affects the consumer's shopping experience and product brand value, but also affect the safety of food packaging, resulting in the modern food industry food packaging plays a more and more important role to some extent, it has become the indispensable important part of the food. Repeated food safety incidents in recent years, however, make consumers begin to pay close attention to the safety of the food composition and its use of additives, as food & other; Stealth additives & throughout; Food packaging, its security issues are often neglected by people. In fact, the food packaging safety is an important part of food safety. Inferior food packaging materials in contact with food, not like viruses, bacteria or Dioxin body to consumer direct damage, but if the long-term use of these inferior materials packaging of food, toxic and harmful substances will through infiltration and food packaging, accumulate in the body cause chronic poisoning, adverse to the development especially in children and adolescents. In foreign countries, food packaging with food, production environment requirements and punished according to the agreement. Therefore, we are paying attention to food safety as well as attention to the safety, the food packaging and food packaging safety problem is more serious in our country. In recent years, due to too much harmful material residues in food packaging, food so polluted and cause poisoning. Pay attention to food safety at the same time still need to pay attention to the safety of the food packaging, food packaging materials direct contact with food, it is the main source of food packaging and harmful material residues. At present, food packaging materials on the market at present mainly include paper, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. , food packaging safety problems are mainly the following three points: first, an illegal add the disabled fertilizer is one of the most common disposable plastic snack box, many illegal businessmen in order to reduce costs, adding in the product in a large number of industrial calcium carbonate, talcum powder, paraffin and other additives used in food packaging production is prohibited. More some 'dirty' enterprises, switch to the proportion of main raw materials and additives, industrial calcium carbonate, paraffin wax additives such as the use of more than 50%, some as high as 80%. This kind of high filling snack box according to the national standard requirement of evaporation residue acetate and n-hexane evaporation residue detection, index exceeds bid badly, even one hundred times more than the national standard ( National standards for 30 mg/l) 。 Or when the microwave food temperature is higher, the harmful substances dissolve in food, long-term intake will cause indigestion, liver disorder, etc. , and even suffer from diseases such as gallstones, cause serious harm to body health. The second containing benzene is used in great quantities, printing ink printing ink benzene solvents and heavy metal residues. At the beginning of 2005, a food factory in gansu province found that production of potato chips with a strong odor, after testing, the odor from the benzene in the food packaging printing ink. Gansu province product quality supervision and inspection center detection results show that the benzene content in the product packaging is three times as many countries allowances, exceeds bid badly. Benzene residues if overweight great harm to human body, at the same time, the benzene chemicals, inhaled once it is difficult to discharge, accumulate over a long period will cause cancer and other diseases. Now, the European and American countries have not allowed to use in food packaging materials containing benzene and heavy metal, the Japanese government also rules in a few years ago, food packaging materials shall not contain benzene. The third packaging materials, packaging materials of improper use of health level are divided into industrial grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade. Used in food packaging material should meet the food grade requirements. But the sale and use of food packaging products on the market at present, because of its large usage and fast circulation, conditions are not so a lot for the production of food packaging products of small enterprise or family firms, not only the production environment is poor, and to seek personal gain, even using industrial-grade raw material or the regeneration of the poisonous and harmful waste materials for production. Especially in plastic products, using the dumpster collected waste plastic waste, agricultural film, hospital waste recycling processing, such as without disinfects processing, as food packaging materials used in food packaging production and market again. Although these recycled plastic heating hitches in machining process, but the plasticizer, stabilizer, and a variety of harmful substances such as formaldehyde can not go to completely get rid of, use the plastic packaging ready-to-eat food, may cause serious consequences to human health, the long-term use can cause chronic poisoning and even cancer. Very close relationship between food packaging and food safety, modern food packaging should not only focus on the development of new packaging materials, research and application, add a higher technological content, using the new material is exquisite, smooth, flexible features in order to reach the best effect of packaged food service, and to promote the development of packaging technology, process automation, systematic and computer integration, reduce rejection rate, make full use of resources. What is more important to pay attention to the safety of the packaging material, do & other; Food packaging safety and food safety & throughout; Equally, don't let our food safety hidden danger existed in food packaging.
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