Face film bags: buy 'Korean imports' mask bag opening was found empty

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05
On April 8, weifang city wuzhou garden district of liu told the financial times, April 6, she works in a lattice shop bought two partial film, come home and open one piece but found no mask paper bag only water. On the morning of the same day, reporters came to sell the mask with liu lattice shop. Through coordination, the shopkeeper gave liu changed a new mask. Citizens shops said sell very fire at 9 am on April 8, liu told reporters, 6 in the afternoon, her victory in weifang kuiwen district east and northeast corner of weifang diesel state road intersection of search, a cool city & other; The Hong Kong special shop & throughout; The grid's shop bought two partial membrane. “ I saw the mask in the blain on the face recently, the packing looks very nice, just pick up a bit. Sales staff said quickly came to give me this mask to sell special fire. Not the living selling, I would have bought two pieces. ” Liu said, when the sales staff told her that the mask has a number of benefits, is South Korea imported, besides hydrating whitening can also remove acne. “ Seven yuan a piece, I think is not expensive, just want to try. Didn't open after the mask bag is full of water, but there was no mask paper. ” Liu said, & other; I thought it was when the water directly to apply to the face mask, want to have a look at the instructions on the bag, but in a text. ” Liu and put another slice of mask is opened, found that bag is to have the mask paper, she immediately to buy their own mask quality question. See no Chinese on the package later, liu a plastic bag out of the bag, took out her buy two partial film at that time. Reporter saw, a green mask bag is torn, covered with a white bag sticker, stick paper printing & other; The Hong Kong special store, aloe hydrating acne mask, $7. 00' , the film bag also have a lot of water; Another piece of pink face film bag has torn, bag of the mask has been removed. The reporter discovers view before and after, in addition to the above the mask bag with white sticky paper written in Chinese, other places are Korean there are a few words of English. In the morning, the reporter accompanied by liu came to search the cool city & other; The Hong Kong special shop & throughout; Lattice shop. Liu explained to the owner, the owner said, she also is first encountered this kind of question, because the store multiple grid is to rent, the product is by tenants to replenish onr's stock, she is only responsible for in-store sales management and grid, so the mask she also don't know the reason of problems. After coordination, the shopkeeper gave liu changed a new mask. Lawyers do not conform to the requirements of the quality later, the reporter contacted hensing m. production of shandong Wang Yang law firm lawyers. Hensing m. production told reporters, liu buy products are defective, they do not conform to the requirements of the quality of the product. Products sold by the territory of China must be labeled in Chinese, even the imported goods must also have Chinese, indicate the territory of the country of origin of the goods and the agent's name, address, contact information, etc. Lau purchased without Chinese signs of mask, merchants can't sales, liu can complain to door of Ministry of Commerce and industry and ask for compensation. Hensing m. production proposal citizen, when buying cosmetics, as far as possible to the formal business and cosmetics store to buy, buy to seize on the packaging production date, manufacturer address and contact information, etc.
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