Biodegradable plastic packaging can replace the traditional plastic packing

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
Biodegradable packaging material can replace plastic packaging materials in the face of increasingly severe plastic pollution of the environment problem, development of biodegradable, non-polluting materials, look for a good substitute for plastic products become the industry the focus of scientific research. Microbial biodegradation materials as a kind of natural biodegradable materials, brought a unique role in energy conservation and environmental protection, the scientific research and development has gained rapid development, is pointed out to be & other; White pollution & throughout; The reasonable and effective processing way. At present, microbial biodegradation plastic packaging materials have easy biodegradation, wide raw material sources, reasonable and effective to alleviate the pollution of the environment, is pointed out that as an approach for processing plastic products of environmental pollution. In recent years, all over the world have developed some degradable plastics, biological materials, the development of plastics packaging materials industry around the world has brought a great role in promoting. The degradable plastics ( Mainly in the plastic products add additive such as starch, cellulose, photosensitizer, biological JiangXieJi) Consuming large quantities of food crops, can not eliminate defects such as visual pollution, and the emergence of the micro plastic material in the soil environment, biological degradation efficiency is slow, can not be recycled in time. Therefore, the application prospect of degradable plastics have limitations, plastic packaging materials is the most development potential of the microorganisms. So, microbial biodegradation material of raw material is what? Have certain achievements are: banana waste seeds, avocado, tomato skin, cactus, tofu, corn starch, etc. Tofu soy, usually through production and processing is made into tofu and soy milk, the rest of the residue is often abandoned. However, if this kind of fermentation residue, when microbes devour their nutrients, can leave a cellulose, and made from plastic packaging. We have learned, a professor at the university of foreign invented a kind of biodegradable food packaging materials. I learned that the plastic bag is made from cellulose, extracted from soy products produce waste, plastic bags more energy conservation and environmental protection. Both reduced the waste plastics, and reduces the food waste. Usually some microbes of energy conservation and environmental protection plastic bags to a long period of time in more than 50 ℃ ambient temperature can be completely biodegradable. If there is no suitable environment temperature abandoned bioplastics, cannot accomplish biodegradation, is likely to exacerbate plastic environmental pollution problems. However, energy conservation and environmental protection plastic bags don't need to use tofu extract ambient temperature conditions, can be in 1 months to biodegradation, both reduces the plastic waste, and reduce the food waste, to achieve a win-win situation. Corn starch along with the development of the global economy and the advance of science and technology innovation, people's demand for corn has been to many new areas of development. The author learned that province developed a company production and processing plastic straw, tableware, eat mat, etc all kinds of plastic products, mainly made from corn starch. By corn starch and other plant sources compounds made from biodegradable resin as the characteristics of the microbial plastic film, achieve 95 to 240 days of biodegradation and reduce environmental pollution. Banana waste is reported that a foreign team developed a kind of new recycling process, experimental deserted banana false stem part of the recycling, and the low temperature oven dry manic, then ground into a fine powder. After powder extract category called nano cellulose materials, used to make biodegradable packaging materials. The consistency of packaging materials made of the same as the application in the baking parchment, can be used for shopping bags and food packaging, and other products, and not to leaching any harmful compounds in food. When it was abandoned and biodegradable. Arcot said: & other; False stem is about 95% water, about 5% of the remaining solid chemicals. We cut it into pieces, at very low ambient temperature in the drying oven dry manic, then grinding into a very fine powder. We will this kind of powder to chemical treatment, and the cleaning. Extract nano cellulose, which is a kind of high value material, has the widespread application. Plastic bags is one of our most interested in application, especially the disposable food packaging. ” Cactus each year about eighty kg plastic products into the sea, accompanied by the decomposition of the plastic in the oceans and landfills, enter the food chain system, it is now a year or is likely to eat more than 50000 tiny plastic products. Recently, a university scientific research personnel by the cactus leaves mixed with other natural materials, produce a kind of biodegradable plastic products.
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