Vertical bag packaging push candy product development

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05
In 2013, PMMI study report, & other Vertical bag ( With or without zip) Is considered to be one of the fastest growing packaging types. ” “ Confectionery products with great excitement. ” Packaging technology integration scheme ( HAVi global solutions for one of the departments) Market innovation, senior director of Lisa Baer said. Review recent German a candy packaging, packaging exhibition Baer said: & other; There are a lot of new packaging form, one of my biggest discovery is to vertical flexible packaging. No matter where, from the convenience store to the pharmacy, to big-box stores, for retail shelves candy, this is a big trend. The vertical packaging bags can be seen everywhere. ” In addition to providing high influence on the shelf of billboards, reusable sealed bag also make consumers to share and store the multi-purpose candy products easier. The form is especially suitable for a candy, at present this kind of product is in rapid development stage. “ Because of their ease of use, consumers really loved vertical bag. For open or disassemble the candy, they are to expand consumption in the family to use perfect solution. ” Baer said. She also points out that to seal can be eliminate the demand to candy to transfer to another container. In addition, & other; Freshness and weight control is directly related to seal sex again. It offers a wide range of value. ” In addition, in the candy aisle, & other; Retailers provide more space for vertical bag. ” Just Born Quality Confections, vice President of corporate affairs, Matt Pye said. Earlier this year Just Born introduced to vertical sealing bag Peeps Minis ( A pack classic Peeps candy) The bags made of metal composite materials. Just Born for its products opted for a vertical bag, then I will help in daily products, rather than Easter, Halloween or other holiday of particular goods for the center with candy. Traditional Easter candy packing with transparent film winding the cardboard tray. “ Peeps Minis is a kind of products all the year round. They adopt vertical bag packaging, all the small products together in a rage with daily candy aisle & hellip; … In the candy industry, vertical growth and a bag of small size products. ” Pye said. Weight control, easy to share and go out to eat snacks are promoted to seal, the popularity of multipurpose bags of candy. To seal packing is convenient for consumers to count or number to control their eating candy. Hershey's strategic communications, senior manager of Allison Kleinfelter said: & other; You can only enjoy a few pieces of candy, then to seal. ” As early as a century ago, Hershey could lead to its & other; Hershey's kiss & throughout; First proposed the concept of early adopters, the reusable bags are & other; Complete weight control desire a way of modern & throughout; , Kleinfelter said. Pye said: & other; Vertical bag also provides sharing, small size and portability. For today's consumers, these are big trends. ”
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