Validation of quick-frozen food plastic bags odor detection method

by:Kolysen     2020-06-23
Frozen food is through the low temperature ( - - - - - - Below 18 ℃) The moisture in food processing, food group, SAP is not easy to loss, microorganisms will not reproduce, food safety is assured. But the packing materials in use process middling become peculiar smell, affect the taste and smell of food, so relevant chemical index is the key of the quality inspection. Frozen food refers to rice, noodles, grains as the main raw material, such as meat, vegetables and so on as supplementary material, processed into all kinds of cooked or not cooked food after Lord, immediately made and quick-frozen process under the condition of frozen transportation, storage and sales of all kinds of staple food, such as steamed stuffed bun, quick-frozen dumplings, dumplings, quick-frozen steamed bread, steamed rolls, spring rolls and so on. Quick-frozen food generally use plastic composite film packaging, the enterprise in order to better sales to print a lot of product pictures in the surface of packing bag, therefore in the process of composite adhesive and printing ink solvent composition will introduce, such as packaging materials production technology processes improper, will cause the remaining amount of solvent is higher in packaging, have pungent peculiar smell, serious when will migrate to the frozen products. So reduce the solvent residue in the packaging material to improve the quality of the product image and far-reaching significance.
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