Vacuum packaging material analysis

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Many customers asked in the past time, it is just the vacuum bags have so a kind of material, but do not know what this actually is a kind of data, made by something. Took the aluminum foil bag, everyone know this bag is called the aluminum foil bag, but some of the local people basic don't know what is the aluminum foil bag, what is the function, more do not know what is its use, then we split the material of vacuum packing bag to know how much? The above us together to look at some vacuum bags, after all, is what kind of material. The first: HDPE/high density polyethylene/high-pressure polyethylene/this is the most common one kind of high pressure membrane material, namely we often can see the kind of shopping bags in the supermarket, is our HDPE bag, the material can be bags alone, is a kind of market a material - compare with common and cheap - PO bag. This kind of brittle and hard material compare with, low expansion rate, rubbing noise when brittle. The second: LDPE/low density polyethylene/high-pressure polyethylene/high pressure membrane lit texture, soft, good toughness and bright degree good, feel is match slippery, the thicker the material harder, expansion rate. This kind of material can also be bags of alone, like PO bag is a kind of material compare with ordinary cheap. Third: OPP/orientation polypropylene this kind of information is the most fragile, lit the highest degree of a kind of material, tension is not enough, it was basically no tension, the single most critical mouth easily, and printing the easiest decoloring, very bad printing, demand printing there is a good time in stop cutting bag,
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