The safety performance of food packaging materials will win the broader market

by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
On the two sessions this year, there will be representatives from medicine, committee member proposal about food packaging safety. Have medical poverty relief and medical innovation, improve eye care consciousness, optimize the environment of innovative entrepreneurship, improve food safety aspects of nine proposals, among them, to strengthen the food hygiene safety, improve food packaging standard topics of particular concern. In recent years, food safety problems have been high on subject, the CPPCC national committee, the Chinese medical doctor association ophthalmologist branch, vice President of hessler truth: there is no safe food packaging, there is no safe food. It is understood that since the national mandatory market access for food packaging product ( QS) Management system, product quality has been greatly improved, but still unsafe food packaging. From food packaging products quality supervision and spot check result, sale and use of food packaging products on the market at present, many conditions are not from for the production of food packaging products, the production environment is poor, especially in plastic products can not meet the food packaging safety requirements. In order to guarantee the safety of the food, the country increases the law enforcement and supervision. Representatives and members suggested that, in the food industry to formulate the corresponding national standards, reduce caused by packaging material shelf life too short to bring huge waste, also can reduce the use of preservatives, to reduce harmful residues in food slash, reduce the restriction of China's food exports. This has given rise to food packaging materials research and development and its future strong market competitiveness. In the food packaging materials, flexible packaging materials because of good air permeability, sealing won the market. Based on the specific requirements of the food packaging for profitable market, research and development should begin from the following several kinds of material, packaging materials for innovative development. 1, anticorrosion paper paper is the special compounds in single glycerides and fusion, as an effective component in water and ethanol aqueous solution, and then the paper is dry after spraying and infiltration processing, it can be used to pack all kinds of food. 2 tofu, tofu, bean curd is made into water soluble paper. Its application scope is widespread, including instant noodle, condiment, meat, cake and fruit of packing. Its method is within the tofu in fatty acid and protease, let it down, by the warm water washing, dry food fiber, add yam, taro, dextrin, oligosaccharides and viscous material such as poly (propylene glycol). This paper easy to break down after use, can be used as compost, recycled paper again also, low environmental pollution, can be used for food packaging. 3, deodorized paper now research of deodorized paper materials mainly divided into three types: chemical deodorization, physical type, mixed deodorant. Deodorant packaging film for food packaging can have the effect of deodorization fresh. 4, pomace pomace was abandoned apple residue food industry production, the method is to remove the pomace grain, its beaten pulp, adding suitable amount of wood fiber. After this paper use easy to decompose, low environmental pollution. 5, paper composite matrix composite paper packaging is the main problem of solving the problem of seepage control, it's because of minimal oil molecules, because there are aluminum foil composite layer, its performance is better than that of glass bottles and plastic bottles, safe, light, and beautifully printed, improve the added value of the goods and competitiveness. 6, antibacterial film antibacterial film is joined in the packaging film antimicrobial enzymes or other substances, can greatly improve the food storage period, to prevent the breeding ground for microbial food surface is bad. 7, high barrier property of film high barrier property of film is to put the gas barrier property strong material moisture barrier property and thermal suture, strong polyolefin simultaneously extrusion, film is a multilayer structure. The membrane can prevent microbes breeding, the contents of oxidation and to prevent the outflow of fragrance, solvents, etc. 8, composite plastic composite plastic is a kind of plastic packaging materials, easy to decompose corn is extracted from producing biopolymers bacteria, development process is very complex. Made of this plastic processing food packaging materials, abandoned after decomposition by oneself, no contamination. Of course, there are a lot of food packaging materials, development of new varieties, relying on high technology content, the current domestic and international development trend of the new development of food flexible packaging material is towards high performance, non-toxic harmless, green environmental protection, easy to use, safe direction, at the same time of new packaging materials, synchronous launch its recycling technology, the packaging to minimize the damage to the ecological environment.
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