The development prospects of kraft paper bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-30
In a brown paper bag, all wood pulp paper backing color into white kraft paper, kraft paper, and yellow, can be in PP material is used on paper pour a layer of membrane, waterproof effect, bag strength can be made according to the requirements of between one and six layers, printing and bag making integration. Openings and the way of back into heat sealing, sealing and the bottom paper. With the improvement of people's quality and cultural level, more and more people more advocate green and environmental protection concept of consumption. People in the required paper work and constantly improve the structure at the same time, gradually focused on the paper bag in the aspect of environmental protection and beautiful performance. Thus produced by using new material processing in a paper bag & ndash; — Brown paper bag has become the favour of people. “ Brown paper bag & throughout; Is a kind of composite materials processing and bags. Due to the brown paper bag material is non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection features, therefore & other; Brown paper bag & throughout; While meet the green consumption well-deserved become the internationally recognized environmental protection products. At home and abroad, major shopping malls, supermarkets everywhere & other; Brown paper bag & throughout; , he is like a small warrior, with in our daily life, help us to share the load of life. People can only be limited to the number of shopping hands can carry items number of traditional thought, the emergence of the kraft paper compound bag is broken, because many consumers no longer worry about buying things with and destroy the mood of shopping. If say the birth of kraft paper compound bag to promote the development of the whole of the retail industry, may be exaggerated, but at the very least, it reveals a phenomenon to the businessman, is in the customer shopping experience to become the greatest degree of easy, convenient, comfortable, ultimate consumers will buy how many things are unpredictable. It was also because of this, has attracted the attention of a great degree of later time shopping experience for consumers, and promote the development of the shopping cart and shopping basket in the supermarket later. After more than half a century, the development of the kraft paper shopping bag is the wind, the quality improvement of material make it constantly enhance bearing capacity, appearance more beautiful, also make merchants will all sorts of trademark, exquisite design printed on the paper bag, into the high street store shops. Until the middle of the 20th century, the emergence of the plastic shopping bags to become in the history of shopping bag has a big reform. Plastic shopping bags with its advantage of low prices, quality stable and thin to have unlimited scenery of kraft paper bagcompound bag in the shade. Since then, the plastic bags became the first choice of people's life, cow leather belt & other gradually; Take a back seat & throughout; 。 In the end, only with the aid of a brown paper bag & other; Environmental protection & throughout; 、“ Natural & throughout; 、“ Nostalgia & throughout; In the name of a few books, clothes, the wrapping of the audio and video products. Later, as opposed to the use of plastic bags of prevailing in the world, environmentalists and look to the old brown paper bag. McDonald's company in China since 2006, also gradually to all stores carry out for serving up food, a brown paper bag instead of the use of plastic bags. Move the positive response of the other businesses that are using kraft paper bagcompound bag instead of plastic shopping bags.
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