The advantages and characteristics of antistatic bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-25
Advantages and characteristics of antistatic bag release date: 2019 - 09 - 25 May be used in our daily life anti-static bag? What do you think of life clearly not seen? Is you met the anti-static bag but don't know and didn't pay attention to. Remember to buy that kind of card reader, memory, motherboards and so on electronic products, see the translucent packaging? In fact, these are anti-static bag. Anti-static bag scope of application: used for anti-static requirements of the electronic product packaging, such as various types of PC boards, IC integrated circuit, drive, hard disk, electronic components, etc. Anti-static bag has several advantages, first, let us see what advantages: anti-static bags advantages: 1, to prevent the generation of triboelectrification; 2, from the effects of electrostatic field; 3, to prevent contact with the charged body or with a charged object directly discharge. Look at these advantages, isn't clear why the anti-static bag would be applied in electronic components? But to meet the requirements of anti-static, but also to do a lot of steps: make a material at the same time, it is difficult to have all of the above properties, often need to use different material combinations or compound to meet the requirements, the purpose of through the dissipation of electrostatic charge safely or shielding parts, can limit the electrostatic charge can gather or from external material with the effect of electrostatic charge, as the ESD protective packaging material. Finally, finally make finished products through a variety of jobs, the anti-static bags have these features: 1, antistatic packaging materials composed of multilayer material by the composite coating, the inner layer for heat sealing layer, product strength is higher than general sealing strength twice; 2, the middle layer is high strength mechanical layer, it has excellent mechanical functions; 3, the outer layer of conductive layer. 4, the materials and related chemical products compatible, good performance, in the process of packaging storage will not be packing up chemical reaction, and can be applied directly to contact packaging related products. 5, moistureproof performance to class II, high and low temperature performance & plusmn; 500c。 6, it has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, the mechanical strength and packaging transportation drop test proved that the strength of packaging requirements. 7, it has good workability, conductive layer USES the coating process, according to user requirements made into any shape. 8, according to the migration of solvent test and aging performance test, the service life of the material for 18 years. A: to tell you about plastic bags make an article under the five characteristics of the temperature: liaoning provincial party committee supervision inspection to the cameroonian left 12 supervision supervision work
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