Plastic food bags easy tear mouth doorway

by:Kolysen     2020-06-30
Plastic food bags easy tear mouth, in today seems very conventional process, in addition to bearing the larger bag type and with the mouth the suction nozzle bag, can play easy tear. The seemingly simple easy tear mouth one doorway? By plastic food packaging manufacturers to introduce below; Three common easy tear mouth position 1. Easy to tear at the bottom of the side, one is to avoid to avoid the mistake to tear when sales, lead to unnecessary losses. 2 it is to ensure that there is a big g products in the process of transportation, not by mistake to tear. And the development the quality of the composite bags is one of the few has the above situation, sales manufacturers also make corresponding defensive measures. Defect is clear: at the time of use requires the user to flip the bag, the printing content is all backwards, not conducive to the user to read, a bit against humanity. Commonly used in: disposable bags, 3-side type ( Side - bottom openings 3-side type) 2. Easy to tear the mouth on the upper side, convenient user can find easy tear locations in the first place. Printing content show normal, readable, have strong copywriting promotion effect. Commonly used in: self-reliance bags, eight edge-sealing bag ( Side top open - Self-reliance bag type) 3. Easy tear mouth to play at the top, the position is more special, commonly used in four autoregulating, organ bags, back sealing bag ( Here introduces the first two) , convenient advantage is: the user can immediately find easy tear mouth position, in the finished product is not used at the same time, very good use of the bottom hem as support. Defect is: because we have got used to the side of easy tear mouth, when using the organ bag or four edge-sealing bag, need sideways to tear, and easily spill products. Rip products after printing content can't good intact. Why don't you play in the side? Said organ bag type and four edge-sealing bag type of special right here, because the two at the bottom of the bag type no, is a rectangle, spatial capacity is larger. And organ bags there is no sealing side, the side can't play easy tear. So choose the top opening, just can take advantage of the bag type ( Hem) Added disadvantage, also lets users easily opened the bag. ( At the top of the open - The organ bag type) Ps: a sealing bag type because the side back sealing side, compounded by a complete film, so choose a easy tear cut in the top. ( At the top of the open - Back sealing bag type) Easy to tear the mouth of the position is based on the design layout to order, so in the design layout will be LOGO and label information part aside, ensure that the user can easily opened the integrity of the products and business LOGO, most of the information. Where there is a good user experience at the same time, also can do marketing, user to easily remember our brand.
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