Plastic bags pay attention to packaging design

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
Supermarkets and the scope of the use of plastic bags on the market now is very extensive, especially plastic shopping bags and food packaging is almost indispensable in daily life the required product. Under the demand, the domestic manufacturer of customized plastic bags are more and more. In order to get the favour of consumers and users in the market, plastic bags should be how to carry on the packing design for their products? Plastic bag printing should pay attention to, proposal is coloring is realistic as well, although doing so would increase the cost of production, but in order to attract the attention of customers, suggest or do better realistic point, generally low out of the four sets of film, four color, that is, the industry often say, want to put the plastic bag printing is very lifelike beautiful, create better that seven sets of film plate making, namely with seven color printing. More common polyethylene ( PE) Plastic bag, the material is transparent, can consider the color of the contents as a complementary color printing for plastic bags to use, with high content of color can be used to design the background, all kinds of local landscape and so on to design, as long as you can to draw attention to the customer. Customized plastic bag is the key content, the content on the bag, the goods from the customers who can design a few bigger, but also to see the plastic bag size to make a decision, can also be artistic processing, sometimes words can make less, but cannot be too small to see. Words to set clear can read as well. Text information on plastic bag has no strong sex, with food contact surface is not printing can, as long as the guarantee for the text of the designers to play and artistic works.
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