Pay attention to the details of the mask packaging design!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
New, o beauty, change is a common state of mind, in simple terms, is equal to the mind is seeking novelty. You after see the packaging of modern personality, and interested in endowed with personality of traditional packaging. Visible facial mask bag manufacturers how to grasp the consumer mind has become one of the distinctive features of modern product packaging and decoration planning. Modern product packaging plan first is to consumers, research consumption idea. Before planning should prevent total blindness, and from set out actually, planning scheme. Face film bag packaging design from which a few considerations? 1, the color, the first sight of consumer is a package of all the image, the most direct is equal to the color in the face, use color to attract the customers face up to your product, as long as to face up to the possibility of purchasing. 2, decorate, decorate in the packing more beautiful to attract consumers, makes the product unique, 3, text, the text on the mask packaging bag manufacturer is also important to an element, some text on the mind of the consumer can produce commensurate effect. 4, for the mask bag must be pure and fresh, elegant, fashion, with the main body, the style of the bags to unification, the design feels stronger. Mask bag, aluminum foil materials, please indicate the white or silver 5, form composing is shape elements, or call the shape elements, is the way to the law of all kinds of ever-changing forms. Form is by the dot, line, face, body that several elements. Packaging form of the most important are: cylinder, cuboid, cone, and a variety of forms, and about the combination of form and because of the different cutting form various forms of packaging shape forming of novelty for consumer visual guidance plays a very important role, singular vision can leave consumers deeply printed form. Mask packaging design must familiar shape elements itself characteristics and expression, and this reflect the situation as material of beauty. 6, shape elements is shown below in figure, commodity packaging contain display the size, size and shape. In daily life we can see there are three forms, namely natural form, artificial form and occasional form. But when we study the shape of the product structure, must find a kind of practical in any form of nature, namely, the common law of things out, called the abstract form. We face the appearance of packaging design elements in thoughts, also need to know it from the perspective of the situation to the laws of beauty. According to the situation of packaging design beauty in combination with the characteristics of the function of the product itself, the laws of the various factors combined organic, naturally, to ensure a complete unified image of the design.
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