Packaging design under the five important guidelines to understand

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
Packaging design strategy is to point to through to the packaging design, to achieve product selling advantage, the design strategy correctly or not, is a vital link in the whole process of packaging design. To finished packaging design of vision, designers need to according to the design target and principle, combining with the marketing plan of the enterprise, using creative ideas, work out a detailed practical packaging design strategy. A, 1 for the center with product. Intuitive strategy design strategy is to gain a competitive advantage and to formulate, formulating strategies need to first examine the advantages and disadvantages of the product itself, when the design requirements only catch the beauty product, obtain the best visual effects. In packaging design can choose window, methods of hollow out, or choose realistic photography directly show the product image. 2. Rational strategy in the face of some high technological content, skills innovation of new products, may need to under the professional guidance, in order to correctly use the product. Packaging can choose rational strategy planning, with detailed instructions, science, chart, process, methods of presentation, introduce the function of the product to the customer, the skills of composition, selection of quality, technology, etc. , by giving the image of the product packaging science, careful, specification. 3. Update policy & other; Discard the & throughout; Is widely thought characteristic, and necessary YingShiErBian packaging design, to meet the changing market demand. In the packaging & on the other; 新的“ 、“ New & throughout; Markers such as symbols, will often arouse the curiosity of customers, enhance product identification. Second, 1 for the center with civilization demands. Many local characteristic products, highlight the regional characteristic strategy reflects the local custom civilization. When on the packing design, can with the help of a typical regional graphics, text, colors, materials and other elements to emphasize product features, raise the awareness of sale. 2. Reveals the traditional product with a long history of civilization, civilization strategy can fully tap its unique culture connotation, refined connotation concept, again into detailed visual pictures, color, text, modelling, to reflect the special qualities of product packaging method. 3. Fit in the packaging planning strategy of popular fashion popular element, the application can be so in visual terms, such as through popular picture, font, color, layout, structure, material technology, etc to intuitive, but also embodied in some popular concepts or speech ACTS into in the packaging method. Third, enter the title for the center with customer 1. Humanization strategy in the process of packaging planning based on people's physical characteristics, behavior habits, emotional thought, etc. , to plan optimization. For example: packaging structure of the handle, stick bone zipper, sealing parts, such as planning, consideration should be given to customers with, open, storage, use the product. 2. Focus strategy in packaging planning can subdivide different consumer group, targeted for packaging plan. Such as: about low-income customers, packaging planning needs to consider succinct, benefit; And customers about high income, high degree of civilization, packaging planning needs consider appearance is exquisite, exquisite material, manufacture fine, noble taste. 3. Interesting strategy interesting strategy according to different features products, choose different methods on the packaging, or a graphic expression, a kind of modeling structure, the participation of even a game activity. For example: a lot of food packaging, additional has a theme with preservation of CARDS, such as historical figures, scenic spots, such as characters, by arousing people's preservation, to promote the sale of the products. Fourth, centered on planning element 1. Stylized modelling strategy and reasonable product packaging design, bring a person use convenience, endowed with aesthetic features product modelling, fondle admiringly. There is no lack of market & other; With shape wins & throughout; Each instance, such as the famous cosmetics packaging is an exquisite art, make customers in the process of using the product feel the joy of beauty. 2. Color stylized strategy itself color of violent force, the most changes brought to people's emotional state of mind. The appeal of using color packaging to identify the degree of marching, becomes the commonly used methods for packaging plan. Red such as Coca-Cola, pepsi-cola blue has become an important sign of the difference between two brands, also their foreign promotion activity an important theme in color. 3. Material and skill update strategy with strong processing and shaping skills is packaging to ensure, science and technology open promote the continuous changes of the packaging method. Wide variety of water bottles packaging on the market, from plastic molding skill support. Plastic film heat molding in combined with vacuum skills, extended the shelf life of products, and to form the roots method in meat food packaging planning. To introduce new skills, new materials, new production process, will bring infinite to the improvement of the packaging method, perhaps, and therefore can be set up the packaging planning features breakthrough.
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