Packaging design method of 12 enough with you!

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
Most of the time, to buy and buy a product, its outer packing plays an important role in the very great degree. Because of good appearance packaging immediately let people carved into eyes, but in fact every word in each row, on the package and how many people will carefully see clear? Anyway, for me, only on the drug or food packaging, will read line by line. As for the other products, I have not seen how true. For the product outer packing, what design can reach the level of attention, small make up packaging design elements extraction are summarized several methods, look closely, learn seriously. 。 。 。 。 。 It is worth collecting! 1, with the main components of the product as the design element is the main component of the products as design elements, can let the consumer can see at a glance what is the product of raw materials, and is a what kind of product. Found in food, daily chemical product packaging design. 2, to the origin of the refined product design elements have some place is famous for its rich in a product, product raw materials, as the country of origin is as one of the selling point of products, packaging design is often use this method. Nongfu spring emphasis on water quality, for example, the changbai mountain's plants and animals on the packaging. 3, according to the brand essence refining related elements brand essence is the consumer's first impression of the brand, such as literature and art, small and pure and fresh and restore ancient ways, masculine, fashion, serious and fun are brand essence. 4, according to product function or purpose to refine the design elements for those who have obvious effect, and not very well-known products, to design the effect of product packaging is also a good choice, but also can quickly let the consumer understanding, the product have what effect. Such as the following paragraph to make fire extinguisher herbal tea packaging, looks very decrease internal heat. 5, assisted by brand LOGO or graphic elements as the form is suitable for those more famous brand, or LOGO and auxiliary graph to compare beautiful brand, this method is helpful to deepen the consumer impression of the brand, its own brand packaging is more characteristics. 6, to brand the mascot for the element now more and more brand will design your own mascot, is popular for those mascot image is bright, popular brand, with mascots as the main elements of the design is also a good choice. 7, to the main consumption object and consumption object or related products as a design element such as the elements of women often use women, flowers, butterflies, feathers, children's products will tend to use animals, dolls, children as the main elements of packaging design, such as pet supplies, pet as the main elements of packaging design. 8, directly to the product as a food packaging design elements are commonly used this kind of technique of expression, is suitable for the level of the product itself looks relatively high brand, such as our common biscuits, snacks, fruits and other packaging. Lick one's chaps food pictures is the most effective weapons attract version, but for the photographers and requiring modification division. 9, in the production process of product design elements of the technique of expression on the tea package is more, it can easily give a person a kind of professional, has the sense of culture, usually in the form of hand-painted or line. 10, with the brand or product story as a design element most brands have their own stories, many products have legends about the origin of them, or, it's all packaging designers design inspiration. Such as the moon cake packaging is like to use as a design element such as the goddess of the moon, yutu. 11, according to the product properties of the refining elements such as drug packaging abstract elements, such as chemical, biological, often can be used; And most of the electronics packaging requirements is concise, and has a sense of science and technology, so often used color piece, light elements; More festive gift box packaging requirements. Often used bow or ribbon, etc. 12, what is directly related to the product as many products are not good design elements directly, it is directly related with them some of the things better, and can immediately think of when we see these things, what is this product such as see knew is the tea tea set, see bubble knew products such as shampoo.
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