Packaging customization is introduced

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Packaging in food, daily necessities, cosmetics, chemical products in areas such as wider use, the packing bag of existing on the market, materials, printing content is not rich, high repetition rate, on the container is not enough. Product sales, in order to upgrade promotion, you must have a packing targeting. With the continuous development of The Times, product design is more and more rich, packaging has become many businesses the value part. How can you make your product stand out from many other products becomes a problem worth thinking about. We the perspective-taking once, most people tend to choose when shopping packaging better products, and how to make your products are loved by more people, these are all the needs from packing up. Sometimes look nice product may not conform to the consumer, but the design printing more bad of the packaging will not be preferred in the consumers' mind. How to customize the packing bag of a right? The following will be introduce you to order process of the packaging bags. 1. Packaging design: this part of work can be said to be the top priority, many do the merchants of custom want & other; High-end, atmosphere, grade & throughout; The packing bag of. These are all need from the design to reflect. For example, the collocation of color, the number of colors, custom friends all know, bags custom fee into the version and the cost of the bag. Design and color with less, cost will be less. How to guarantee the effect of packaging design at the same time also can use color to this need less experienced bag manufacturers. 2. Confirm the size materials: if packaging printing is the external work practice, is the choice of materials is the internal work. If these two factors cooperate well, make the bag cost is similar to the spot. 3. Process: the period of the process about 3 ~ 5 days, the default here is that the copper plate, copper plate of the printing effect is better than that of the common offset, accurater clear! 4. Printing: printing ink color separation, reference to the color printing bag is divided into two parts, one is the color of the bag, according to the physical sample 2 it is according to the display of the source file to printing. 5. Composite: be together more than two layers of thin film composite, general surface + + heat sealing layer way fit together. 5. Cure: drying solvent, eliminate peculiar smell, adding composite solid degrees. 6. Composite bag: good roll film, placed on corresponding bag making machine, made from 3-side, four edge-sealing bag, self-reliance bag, such as eight edge-sealing bag bag type. 7. Quality: in the process of bag making machine will be a certain error, generally within a few millimeters, then need to pick out the error is large bags, the final inspection and delivery! Packaging customization through the above technological process, general delivery time within 10 ~ 15 working days. Want to know specific material collocation and packet delivery, can be directly contact with customer service!
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