How to solve the vacuum bags sticky?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-05
How to solve the vacuum bags sticky? Release date: 2020 06 - 22 vacuum bags are sticky, mainly for several reasons, 1, printing process, the ink drying speed and printing speed, drying temperature incommensurate, leading some solvent residue still after the printing ink layer, to soften ink layer, so that the composite membrane is sticky. 2, adhesive is not completely dry, residual solvents gradually infiltrate the ink layer, make the ink layer bate hair sticks. 3, plasticizer migration to the ink layer of plastic film, so that the membrane softening sticky. Vacuum bags sticky solution: 1, according to the actual situation, adjust the ink drying speed, and make it fully dry. 2, adjust the process parameters to ensure that the adhesive can fully dry, make control within a minimum amount of residual solvents. 3, replace the plastic film on an article: to communicate with our manufacturer should pay attention to what details? The next article: no
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