How to choose and buy of dried fruit, nuts, food packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-25
One, check the label on the packet before buying whether content is complete, the label content should include the name, address, production date, expiration date, net content, product standards, such as the content is not complete, suggest the consumers to buy carefully. Second, dried fruit kind of food moisture content is higher, the product save undeserved, it is easy to mildew, when consumer is bought should see whether products has occurred mildew, mildew products has been bad, is of no practical value. At the same time to observe the shell to see if there is any breakage phenomenon, such as casing damaged, will cause pollution to the pulp inside, can't eat. Third, when buying a walnut kernel should observe the color of the walnut meat, often fresh walnut meat color was light yellow or light amber, if the deeper the color, show walnut more Chen; Consumers can also by the methods of the sense of smell to distinguish edible product is fresh, such as product oyster oil, the product has rancidity deterioration, inedible.
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