Hope to note when you heat the aluminum foil bag

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
Hope you need to pay attention to when heating the aluminum foil bag release date: 2019 - 11 - 20 then we see the heating of aluminum foil bag note 1, aluminum foil surface cleanliness higher, no oil and dirt, surface tension, should reach more than 72 mn/m. A simple method is to use distilled water testing, distilled water in aluminum foil surface should be completely infiltrates. If the aluminum foil surface oil pollution is serious, the affect of aluminum foil and other materials of composite fastness, especially after high temperature cooking bags, delaminating stripping phenomenon happens. 2, aluminum foil pinhole is smaller than the number. The aluminum foil should be the barrier property of the best materials, but if its itself have pinhole, the barrier property will sell at a discount greatly, gas, light can quickly penetrate directly, content to spoil quickly. In general, the thicker the aluminum foil, the less number of pinhole, such as 7 & mu; M thickness of aluminum foil, the pinhole number should be less than 200 holes per square metre: 9 & mu; M thickness of aluminum foil, pinhole number should be less than 100 holes per square metre. No matter how thick aluminum foil, the pinhole aperture should be no greater than 20 & mu; m。 3, the quality of a material of aluminum foil to soft, folding should not break when, should have good toughness, purchases to the aluminum foil should be kept in dry condition, and don't place too long, should be used as soon as possible, prevent the oxidation of the aluminum foil moisture absorption and metamorphism. A: composite bags under the specifications and features of an article: the classification and characteristics of vacuum packing bag
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