Boiled bag packaging should choose what material?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
High temperature cooking bags, vacuum bag used for packaging various deli meat, easy to use, health. Material: NY/PE, NY/AL/RCPP, KNY/PE features: moisture-proof, heat-resistant, shading, sweet, strong applicable: hot food, ham, curry, roast eel, fish and meat LuZhiPin. Boiled the typical structure of PET/PE bag BOPA/PE, PET/AL/PE product features to withstand not higher than 106 ℃ temperature processing, stratification, leakage is not package. High heat sealing strength, durable performance is good, high impact resistance strength. Good printing, the printing is beautiful. Low oil resistant performance is good. A, all kinds of boiled ripe food packaging. Self-supporting bag is out of shape not easily, can be erected placed bags, self-supporting bag: (scope of application 1) Chemical class ( Laundry detergent, fabric softener, various supplementary package) ( 2) Pet food, Dog food and cat food, etc. ) ( 3) Food ( Puffed food, rice, dried fruit, such as chestnut bag cooking class self-supporting bag) ( 4) Product ( Tea, powder particles) Second, self-supporting bag product features: ( 1) Good standing ( 2) Pressure, leakproof, 3) Impact resistance is strong, 4) Resistant to high temperature cooking. Three, the current production of self-supporting bag material basically has: ( 1) ONY/LLDPE ( 2) PET/AL/LLDPE ( 3) PET/ONY/LLDPE ( 4) PET/CPP ( 5) 轻装前行/ CPP ( 6) PET/VMPET/LLDPE ( 7) OPP/VMPET/LLDPE ( 8) Other special materials structure self-supporting bag products. Aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to lu: su composite vacuum packaging, such products are suitable for the large-scale precision machinery equipment, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, moistureproof, avoid light, vacuum packaging. With four layers structure, has the good water, oxygen insulation function. Boiled bag packaging is boiled for a marked with flexible packaging products, is different from the high-temperature cooking bags can resistance to high temperature heating, and on the structure is different from many for three or four layers structure of high temperature cooking bags, water bag packaging is usually 2 or 3 layer structure. Although water bag on the high temperature resistant performance and the blocking performance is relatively high temperature cooking bags, slightly but the actual water bag production process there are still higher technical index requirements, which embodies in the production of the water bag packaging material. First is on the choice of packaging film materials, water film choice generally have BOPA, PE, AL etc. Several kinds of material. Among them, the choice of BOPA film to consider film flatness requirement, should choose small arch effect, the surface tension of the membrane to ensure the printing ink adhesion fastness, and based on the product appearance should choose good adaptability to small shrinkage and relative humidity can guarantee the accuracy of BOPA film. As for the choice of heat sealing layer PE, it is necessary for us to be clear: boiled PE bag than ordinary PE should have better heat sealing strength, good heat sealing performance, and can be used in water to ensure water bag is not torn bags, fine properties such as high transparency. In addition to its own characteristics, we also notice the during heat sealing layer PE cannot have obvious flaws, such as can affect the use of fish eye, impurities, crystal, these are likely to cause water bag in the production of bubble surface appear when piercing thin film, even results in the decrease of barrier property such as non-conforming. In thin film material selection, we are second to consider the selection of printing ink, must consider the film of ink adhesion fastness at the grass-roots level, to ensure that the ink peel strength of parts. In addition, the selection of the adhesive are also important, in order to deal with water bag packaging production requirements, you should choose ability boiled, the adhesives and ensure the compound after crosslinking curing degree. Tags: food packaging bags | high-temperature cooking bags | vacuum bags
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