The material of the paper is introduced

by:Kolysen     2020-08-05
Paper bags of material basically has: multilayer paper bags, white cardboard, kraft paper, black paper, bond paper and specialty paper. 1, the advantages of white cardboard, solid, more durable, good smoothness, printed color is very full, rich, 210 - commonly used paper bag 300 grams of white cardboard, often with the more is 230 grams of white cardboard. 2, on the material characteristics: whiteness multilayer paper bags and glossiness are good, when printing can make pictures and images reflect stereo feeling, but it's solid degrees than white cardboard. 128 - paper bags are commonly used to bond paper thickness 300 grams. Layer 3, kraft paper, the advantages of: there are a lot of high toughness firmness, a brown paper bag is not easy to tear, kraft paper, some generally suitable for printing monochrome or color is not rich in double color paper bag. Commonly used to size is: 120 - 300 grams of 4. 。 Black cardboard advantages: solid and durable, the color is black, because black card itself is black, it is the biggest drawback of can't print color, but can be used to bronzing, hot silver, etc.
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