The advantages and disadvantages of high temperature cooking bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
At present, high-temperature cooking for meat food packaging film, almost all of the flexible packaging enterprises are using dry type composite technology. In dry compound are need to add a lot of organic solvent in binder diluted. Use of organic solvent adhesives produced composite film one of the biggest problems is the problem the residual solvents. And use of organic solvent adhesive composite membrane, it is difficult to eliminate any residual solvent. While using solvent-free adhesive compound process in the production of high-temperature cooking aluminum-plastic packaging film, at present there are many problems in technology. A high-temperature cooking bags commonly used, the shortcomings of the high-temperature cooking of meat food packaging composite film mostly adopts four layers structure: BOPET/al / / nylon film / / CPP film, is in between two layers of thin film and a layer of adhesive, BOPET / / adhesive / / aluminum foil / / / / / / / / nylon film binders CPP film, CPP film in direct contact with food. Because of organic solvent CPP film blocking performance is poor, the residue solvent will most inside a layer of adhesive through CPP film into contaminated meat packing bag, nylon with aluminum foil adhesive will be a small amount of residual solvent in through the nylon membrane pollution and CPP film bag in the food, resulting in the food safety hidden trouble. Second, without adhesive high temperature cooking packaging of the product structure is: the BOPET film / / bonding resin ( Or adhesive) / / aluminum foil / / CPP film with adhesive layer. From it, we can see that the emphasis of this structure is the CPP film with adhesive layer. 1, processing way security environmental protection the lining of the product ( CPP) Bonding is the use of polymeric materials with aluminum foil thermal bonding performance, USES the hot melt composite technology. CPP film with a special kind of polymer material, make the CPP film has good durability performance, it is to cancel the original structure of nylon membrane, reduce costs have created favorable conditions. This kind of composite process without using any glue, no solvent residual, environmental protection, no peculiar smell, fundamentally eliminate the compound in the workshop production environment pollution problems, ensure the physical and mental health of operators, the sack of food safety is really get effective guarantee. 2, high barrier, corrosion resistance compared with traditional dry type composite aluminum-plastic composite membrane, resistance to high temperature and high pressure cooking bags in addition to have good flexibility, moisture, oxygen resistance, the shading, vacuum, printing and other features, but also has outstanding resistance to organic solvents, chemicals and materials such as acid and alkali corrosion characteristics, can be widely used in all kinds of need high barrier packaging of food, can be widely used in pickled food, medicine, and higher requirements on the corrosion resistance of ec packaging pesticides. 3, resistant to high temperature and high pressure cooking traditional dry composite aluminum-plastic composite membrane, due to the use of the characteristics of the compound glue itself, and in the process of using glue in viscosity, the gluing quantity and curing process conditions of control with stable and difficult to make the endometrium and aluminum foil composite film bonding strength is very difficult to meet the requirements of stability, the use of the ideal. Especially in the field of the application of high-temperature cooking aluminum-plastic film, after & ge; After 121 ℃ high temperature cooking, most of the dry type composite aluminum composite membrane are extremely easy, the phenomenon of the endometrium and aluminum foil layer bond is not high. And resistance to high temperature cooking bags due to the direct hot melt adhesive technology, directly in the manufacturing process of changed some on the surface properties of polymer materials, makes lining with aluminum foil of high bond strength and stability, especially in the bond strength after high temperature cooking rather than diminished rather than cooking before there will be a very big enhancement. No glue, no solvent residue, high strength of resistance to high temperature cooking aluminum-plastic composite membrane, is the use of advanced hot melt composite process of a kind of new, environmentally friendly high barrier meat the ideal packaging film. Considering the & other; Meat packing moderate and practicability & throughout; , we suggest that the outer layer of BOPET film between the aluminum foil and glue or a method that can be used dry after using solvent adhesive composite. Because the barrier property of the aluminum foil is wonderful, the residue of BOPET film and aluminum foil adhesive solvent doesn't contaminate food in bags; At the same time, the inner CPP use with glue layer of CPP film with hot melt technology and aluminum foil composite, such packaging is absolutely safe for food.
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