Rice vacuum airtight vacuum bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
There are many do 2 now in the market. 5 kg of rice vacuum bags, we use vacuum technology to extend the shelf life of rice, even as a selling point, so in the process of pumping air into vacuum state is cannot careless, once the rice vacuum bag leakage occurs, will affect the sales of rice. We how to improve the production rate of fault tolerance, to ensure that each a bag of rice can be smoothly finished vacuum and do not leak? 1. Material problems in the process of pumping air into vacuum state, if there is something wrong with the packaging material collocation, it is easy to be points of big grain prick bags, so we should choose the stinging PA + PE for rice bag material. 2. Rice bags thickness of vacuum bag is heavy, even with the puncture proof material, thickness is not enough, under the condition of same flat happens, advice when custom-built vacuum bag of rice to suggest a bit thicker, avoid friction in the process of transportation cause rice vacuum bag leakage, thus marketing sales of rice. 3. Sealing temperature rice vacuum bag belongs to the composite class bags, composite bags are by heat sealing layer, middle layer and outer layer, the main function of the heat sealing layer is bonded to the two layers of composite membrane, adopt the way of heating pressure. If the temperature is too high or too low, it could lead to a mouth sealed, in a flat! 4. Heat sealing machine hot air blower is one-sided heat sealing and heat sealing, and fully automatic and semi-automatic. Are these prices are different, so we machine when the choose and buy, should choose to meet our production scale of the machine, do not covet is cheap, do more harm than good. If none of the above measures to improve, the likelihood is the rice packaging itself, is more complex, we here is not to introduce, suggest to find a strong bag manufacturers cooperation. About how to customize the right to the huge information to check the other bags 'how to customize the high ratio of rice bags? 》
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