Red jujube bags labeled 'open bags of instant falls below the supermarket was sentenced to 10 times the compensation

by:Kolysen     2020-07-09
Buy & other; Open bags of instant & throughout; Red jujube, open the bag, but it is not clean enough red jujube. Consumers will supermarket to court, asked ten times compensation. Recently, wuxi south long district people's court accepted the dispute, in accordance with the decision support consumer demands. In March 2015, li mou to buy in the supermarket the labeling have & other; Open bags of instant & throughout; The wording of the 36 bags of red jujube, pay 2665 yuan. Eating after li mou apart, but found the red jujube is not clean, when see the package label, for the execution of the standard GB/T5835 found products. Li mou v, according to GB/T5835 just dried jujube standard, not declared on the package & other Open bags of instant & throughout; Standards, therefore it is easy to mislead consumers will eat all kinds of impurities into the body, cause harm to human body health, so the requirement of supermarket refund payment for goods and pay ten times compensation. Trial found that GB/T5835 is China's national standard about dried red jujube, allow the impurities exist in the red jujube, also allows use bag and nylon bag red jujube. And about disposable jujube in China national standard GB/T26150, asked by cleaning, drying, sterilization, packing and so on are made from dried dates & other; The impurities are edible & throughout; , at the same time also require contact with red jujube packaging materials should comply with the national food safety and hygiene requirements. After the trial, the court held that in the case of red jujube dried jujube national standards adopted by the allowed contains impurities, is not, of course, are the health conditions of ready-to-eat, shall be deemed as discrepancies of packaged food safety requirements of conjunction, so the sentence supermarket refund payment for goods and pay 2665 yuan for compensation of 26650 yuan. Judge: red jujube sales is not a specific object is a public, including the education level of the crowd. Split of packaged understanding, should consider the general public's understanding of the standard, to explain, in the most simple and most direct meaning should be interpreted as without cleaning, without processing, direct entry after opening the package. Therefore, & other; Open bags of instant & throughout; Should not be allowed in jujube contains the harmful impurities such as sand, and dried jujube in the production process does not need to perform disposable jujube take process such as cleaning, sterilization. While the supermarket is not evidence to prove that red jujube ready-to-eat foods food safety standard, therefore, support the aspirations of consumers ten times compensation.
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