Packing bag factory introduces the classification and characteristics of vacuum bag packaging

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
Packaging manufacturer introduces the classification and characteristics of vacuum bag packaging release date: 2019 - 03 - 22 food preservation is a great event in the life health, how the new fresh preservation do better, and the operating loss, most of the friends all don't know, but as more and more in the life need fresh food, fresh products also emerged, such as the cling film, vacuum bags, etc. , some eat food before we could directly into the refrigerator and think that bacteria will stop breeding and death in low temperature, but there are many other food fridge, such a special health, packaging manufacturers today mainly to introduce the food vacuum bag. A, vacuum packaging bags & ndash; — As the name suggests, is to need some fresh food into a bag, pulled out of the air inside after packaged, internal vacuum forming, block out into the air, the air circulation, so as to achieve the effect of preservation. Vacuum bags have their classification, is the most common type of aluminum foil bag, glass packaging, etc. Second, the vacuum bag is a bit: 1, easy to use. Vacuum packing bag open conveniently and safely. When eating, can open a bag of food to eat, even without heat consumption. 2, greatly convenient. Vacuum packaging material is qualitative light, can be superimposed, take up the space is little, to save shipping costs. 3, save energy. Vacuum packaging bag due to the relatively thin, the packing is through the sterilization effect, the energy consumption to 30 ~ 40% less than the tins. 4, save time. Vacuum packaging of food, need not refrigerate or freeze, stable life, can be comparable to metal, easy to use for a long time. 5, keep food color, aroma, taste and shape. Vacuum bag is thinner, can achieve the sterilization requirements, in a short time as much as possible to save the food color, aroma, taste and shape of the original. A: no next article: how to prevent the occurrence of creases on the plastic bag?
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