Packaging printing - Flexible packaging printing insights

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05

flexible packaging has two kinds big, namely the stretch wrap packaging and all kinds of bags. Formed by no stretch wrap packaging packaging in the shape of a plastic film, is simply winding the film to package one or more of the product, in some form of fixed in place. Plastic bags pack in the product before or on the product pack it into a certain shape at the same time. The most common plastic heat sealing side, forming a shape. 【 Packaging printing 】

1, the winding packaging

1) Stretch wrap packaging

plastic film in the packaging is one of the largest application of stretch wrap packaging, the tray goods bound together, make it become an organic whole, goes into circulation. The most commonly used plastic film is a low density polyethylene, in its winding stretch during product and tray, usually spiral coil. Wrapped after cutting the film, film head glued on the goods, general is the bond. After the tensile force is released, film want to back to the drawing size to produce the size of binding, effect on the goods, the goods, to keep its be moved in the process of circulation.

in addition to bind this functionality, stretch wrap packaging can protect the goods be affected with damp be affected with damp, dust fall, wear and tear. Stretch wrap packaging can also provide the protection for a single variety of goods, can also will be less than a pallet load cargo bound together.

although stretch wrap packaging conceptually simple, but the structure is quite complicated. For each layer of stretch wrap packaging, the ideal result is glued to the floor below, but don't want to stick to each other might shrink packing the goods adjacent or stick to its contact with other objects. Therefore, stretch wrap packaging might be multilayer structure, will be added to the binder lining, strengthen the bond. In addition to the LLDPE, ldpe, PVC, vinyl - Vinyl acetate copolymer and other polymer are also used as a stretch wrapping film.

2) Shrinkable packaging

contraction packaging is bound to stretch wrap packaging alternative. Shrinkable packaging when exposed to heat source, the original alignment ( Orientation) Molecules to restore to a lower energy, random string structure of the undrawn, products to prevent film back to the drawing size, the size of materials with the force acting on the product will be cargo lashing.

in order to bind pallets of goods, stretch wrap packaging more common than shrink packaging, because it need less energy and more economic. Shrink packing is more commonly used for bundling, will two or several products ( The same or different) Bundle up, rather than a whole tray of the goods.

shrinkable packaging often not bound for product protection, application from meat to toys. It can be designed around the entire product's tight shell formation, prevent dirt, moisture and wear well. Usually, in film tightly in contraction bake, within the product before, to make a loose bag. LDPE and LLDPE is shrink film commonly used materials. The amount of PVC and PP is less, some special film.

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