Food packaging manufacturer to remind everybody bags is faulty?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-26
Food packaging bags are sometimes because of peculiar smell rejected by user, and even the built-in food with bad smell leads to user demand compensation problem, many manufacturers were headache, so what is the cause of this problem? We should be how to deal with? Today, food packaging manufacturer with you to talk about.

these peculiar smell of the reason may be because the smell of printing ink and solvent ink and some glue, and may have been caused by the smell is from the endometrium of compound packing, usually the method to solve the problem we need to solve, from its source at the time of printing, reduce the choice of the color as far as possible, avoid the full version of the printed pattern, it should smell is larger; In the selection of printing ink, don't use smell larger printing ink to printing, and try to improve the speed of printing, reduce the ink viscosity, decrease inking, keep ventilated dry box and the plant, as far as possible to lower the smell of ink. Keep the fluency of compound machine drying tunnel ventilation, glue in moderation, do not use contains impurities and moisture more ester solvent, in this way, can reduce packaging bags. On the packing bags of food processing, try to choose good membrane barrier property, do the lining of the compound packing materials, in this way, even with the solvent residue and odor will not on food dye.

that is food packaging manufacturers to share with you about the peculiar smell of the food packaging bags, food safety is much of a problem, it can be used as a reference in this paper.

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